Academy of Art University: Setting The Pace For The Future of Fashion

The Academy of Art University presented the results of a unique show case at this years New York Fashion Week. Students were chosen to create representations of what they think the future of fashion will be. This was an opportunity to create unique dezigns and impressions of what styles, fabrics, and designs may be the fashionable outerwear and daily apparel of the future. The results were amazing, and notable fashion industry executives and leaders received the creations positively. Overall, this years presentation of the future of fashion was a great success.   The New York Fashion Week Runway was lit Read More

Corpse flower

In the featured article “stinky ‘corpse flower,” the author, Louis Casiano JR. Breaks the news that the Amorphophallus titanium plant, nicknamed corpse flower, is set to bloom soon. It is reported that the flower has its origin in Sumatra, an Indonesian Island.   The strange plant earned its name from a strange smell it produces during blooming. The pungent smell is caused by pollination, a process commonly executed by beetles, but with this flower, the article reports, the pollination process is performed by hand in the school.   The article also claims that the blooming usually occurs in the evening Read More

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