Customers Rave About Securus Services

One of the most significant and important industries in the world today is the telecommunications industry. In the telecommunications industry, one segment of it is the portion that provide services to the correctional facility and law enforcement in history. Today, one of the leading providers of services to this segment of the industry is Securus Technologies. While the company has only been in business for about a decade, it has continued to grow and develop a significant market share due to its excellent customer service.   One of the main Services provided by Securus Technologies today is its video visitation Read More

Keeping the Prison Free of Contraband with Securus Technologies

Contraband inside the prison is a dangerous thing for anyone who has to be behind those prison walls. If an inmate has the ability to get high, they can cause severe harm to other inmates and officers, so we go to huge lengths to eliminate the chances of these inmates getting their hands on that contraband. Over the years I have developed a number of ways to identify leaks or breaks in the system and seal them up.   One resource we have came to us by way of Securus Technologies. This call monitoring company installed their inmate phone system Read More

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