Corpse flower

In the featured article “stinky ‘corpse flower,” the author, Louis Casiano JR. Breaks the news that the Amorphophallus titanium plant, nicknamed corpse flower, is set to bloom soon. It is reported that the flower has its origin in Sumatra, an Indonesian Island.


The strange plant earned its name from a strange smell it produces during blooming. The pungent smell is caused by pollination, a process commonly executed by beetles, but with this flower, the article reports, the pollination process is performed by hand in the school.


The article also claims that the blooming usually occurs in the evening and takes almost a decade for the plant to make its first bloom, which once done, lasts 24-48 hours.


Its strange behavior coupled with the smell is what will see hoards of curious admirers flock to Orange Coast College on Wednesday, June 28 where they will be allowed to view the flower till 10 p.m, the article adds.


After its first bloom, the flower takes another three to five years to bloom again. The plant weighs over 30 pounds as compared to flowers of its kind that can weigh over 200 pounds and it’s reported to have been in the school for over ten years now.

The flower stands five feet tall and has light purple petals after blooming and looks like a skirt around the plant.


In 2004, a flower of the same kind attracted over one thousand viewers. For this reason, viewers are encouraged to donate $3 towards helping the school’s scholarship in the horticulture program. Also for those who won’t make it to the school physically, there’s a webcam of the flower that can be viewed at


Orange Coast College is a community college located in Orange County, California, United States and just 64 kilometers south of Los Angeles. The college was founded in 1947 and has so far grown into third largest college in Orange County with more than 25000 undergraduate students every semester.


OCC offers associate of arts, science degrees, achievements certificates and some lower-division classes which can be transferred to various universities and colleges. The school features all-round learning facilities and the latest technology. OCC also offers fall, winter, spring and summer classes just as other members of the coast community colleges.


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