End Citizens United Reaches Central Moment in Campaign Finance Reform and Endorses Senator Martin Heinrich

With a growing momentum within the group’s grass roots efforts, End Citizens United is steadfast in the right direction as the political climate continues to heat up. As candidates mount their actions for reelection in the upcoming 2018 political season, End Citizens United has increasingly raised the message of campaign finance reform. The message is now becoming the foremost position that political leaders need to align with if they seek a new term.


While some elected officials have already agreed with End Citizens United on the stand to reform campaign finances, there are some who will need to be further persuaded by their constituents. In the first quarter of End Citizens United’s efforts, there were over 100,000 voters who participated within donor contributions, and the donations have only grown since that time.


End Citizens United recently announced its endorsement of Senator Martin Heinrich’s bid for reelection in New Mexico. Heinrich was once considered as a potential nominee for the democratic Vice President within the 2016 election. He was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2013. The endorsement of his reelection is being widely supported among supporters within End Citizens United due to Heinrich’s stand on rooting out big money within the political system.


Heinrich is a supporter of campaign finance reform, and he has stated publicly that special interest groups are one of the primary reasons Americans are having a distrust within the political system. As Senator, Heinrich fought for the restoration of funding for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act during the government’s potential shut down legislative session. From 2013 to 2017, there has been more than $10.6 million raised for Heinrich’s campaign through fund raising efforts.


According to End Citizens United, the political action committee has at least 30,000 members registered in New Mexico.


The last candidate, and special election, that End Citizens United endorsed was Jon Ossoff. Although that race was not declared a victory, the PAC was able to secure victories with six other U.S. Senate seats which included New Hampshire and Nevada; both substantial within the grass roots efforts for campaign finance reform.


While End Citizens United has continued to raise money through fund raising efforts, $4 million in financial support has mostly come from donations through its members. The estimated $35 million that End Citizens United first announced as a target is more than reachable and it’s clearly within sights. Not only has the PAC mounted a growing number of supporters for the mission to end political greed and restructure the political system, it will clearly be in the best position for being victorious with overturning the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court’s decision of Citizens United.

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