Keeping the Prison Free of Contraband with Securus Technologies

Contraband inside the prison is a dangerous thing for anyone who has to be behind those prison walls. If an inmate has the ability to get high, they can cause severe harm to other inmates and officers, so we go to huge lengths to eliminate the chances of these inmates getting their hands on that contraband. Over the years I have developed a number of ways to identify leaks or breaks in the system and seal them up.


One resource we have came to us by way of Securus Technologies. This call monitoring company installed their inmate phone system in our jail, then trained us on the LBS software. My team was not aware at the time the system was already in 2,500 jails, and that the CEO and all 1,000 employees of Securus Technologies were committed to making our world a safer place.


Once we were all up to speed on using the new software and monitoring system, we immediately put it to work. We were able to pick up inmate chatter pertaining to drug use almost right out of the gates too. It seems that even though the inmates know we are listening to the calls, they think we are unable to listen to all the calls at all times. They were completely wrong about the power of this system.


One call revealed to us how an inmate was using his cell to hide drugs even though we had done cell searches. Another call revealed who was bringing drugs to the jail and how they slipped them to the inmates without us realizing. There was even one inmate talking about how he was giving drugs to the other inmates to sell on his behalf. We put attention to each instance and tightened up our facility as a result.


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  • I think what correctional facilities have been able to achieve with inmates since the introduction of Securus technology is simply outstanding. perhaps could serve better. I think that we on the outside has witness a better and safe way of communicating with our loved ones who were incarcerated and with the monitoring system feature the technology has it can also help the prison guards in putting a stop to the smuggling in of drugs as is characterized by most facilities.

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