Kim Dao Improves Acne Scarring with Fraxel Laser Treatment

Kim Dao, beauty/lifestyle Youtuber, reveals all about her experience with Fraxel Laser Treatment. She efficiently describes her skin treatment by providing step by step details of the treatment including her reason for selecting the location of treatment, Bonobagi Skin Clinic. Kim Dao selected the Korean clinic because Korea is considered the “ skin care capital” of the world. Money and convenience were large factors in her choice for selection. Kim Dao films her dermatological session with dermatologist, Dr. Kim, who suggests multiple treatment sessions to improve acne scarring but because of limited timing in South Korea Kim Dao chooses to have multiple laser treatments within one visit( Kim Dao suggests taking a friend to attend treatment because of the pain. Luckily, she had, Anna and Devin, consultants at her side to provide comfort during the treatment. In the video, Kim walks the audience through each treatment: Stage 1: collagen and moisture, Stage 2: pigment, and Stage 3: Fraxel Dual Laser Treatment. Kim warns in her video that the last step of treatment was rather painful; she described the last stage of treatment as an experience which feels like someone scraping your face. Kim finds the cooling mask after the treatment to be extremely relieving. She ends the video on a positive note showing visuals of her vacation excursion after her skin peeled 5 days after the treatment. (


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